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FT - (crop) Tom Green2-preview FTWEEKEND 2002 - Mormon Olympics Philadelphia Inquirer (2006) - Polygamy - Page 1 Newsday, March 2001 - At Last a Raid on the Kingdom of Polygamy-preview
FT (crop) Freedom Looks Fragile2-preview NEWSDAY - BISHARA - 1990 Suzan Mazur - Shafik Hout Interview, Newsday, Oct. 1990-preview WSJ, June 12,1991, Gulf War, Suzan Mazur - Letter to Editor-preview
Suzan Mazur - Diego Montana Interview, Newsday,1990.jpg Jewish Antiquities Belong in Lithuania, Newsday 1997-preview Edward C Caswell story-The Villager- Oct 11 2013-80th Anniv issue-preview Suzan Mazur, THE ECONOMIST, Lydian Hoard, Oct. 17, 1987 -2_Page_1
Suzan Mazur, The Economist, Coining It In, June 23, 1990 -2_Page_1 Suzan Mazur,The Economist, Unholy Alliance, May 19, 1990 -2_Page_1 MAZUR 0920-MAG•3b - ECONOMIST 1992-1219 - optimized2_Page_1
Suzan Mazur, The Economist, Desert Slaughter, October 27, 1990 -2_Page_1 Suzan Mazur, The Economist, Wings of Gold, Sept. 10, 1988 -2_Page_1 Suzan Mazur - The Economist - Fiat More Lux - 1990_Page_1 MAZUR 0920-MAG•1E FORBES 1981-0413c - optimized_Page_1
FORBES - June 1981-Letters to Editor re Suzan Mazur-Malcolm Forbes Interview-opt_Page_1 Suzan Mazur, CONNOISSEUR, Dig Shaking Ancient History, Dec. 1989 -2_Page_1 Suzan Mazur, ARCHAEOLOGY, Colombia cover story, Nov-Dec,1989 -2_Page_1 S. Mazur, OMNI, Winners, July 1980 -2_Page_1
S. Mazur, OMNI, Mary Leakey + Explorations-Nigeria, Dec. 1980 -2_Page_1 MAZUR 0920-MAG•4b - OMNI 1979-10 - optimized_Page_1 S. Mazur, OMNI, Explorations-Guatemala, Oct. 1981 -2_Page_1 S. Mazur, OMNI, The Resource War, Nov. 1981 -2_Page_1
MAZUR 0920-MAG•2c - SOLAR AGE 1984-10 - optimized2_Page_1 Suzan Mazur, TURQUOISE--Jereed, Summer 1990_Page_1.jpg Suzan Mazur -- Attenzione, Pontine Archipelago, May 1985 -2_Page_1 Suzan Mazur, Islands, Nov-Dec, 1986, Shoals and Shipwrecks--North Carolina's Outer Banks -2_Page_1