Passing of 3 Apartheid Era Figures & 1980s TV–Mazur, Gurirab, Makhatini–on Freedom Struggle

Theo-Ben Gurirab
THEO-BEN GURIRAB (1938-2018)
Johnny Makatini
Winnie Mandela
Pik Botha - 3 - bxw

The recent passing of several political figures from the Apartheid Era—Theo-Ben Gurirab, a founding father of Namibia and its second prime minister, “Mother of the Nation” Winnie Mandela, and apartheid South Africa’s foreign minister Pik Botha—has sent me into my video archive for the television program that follows, a show I hosted in 1982 with guests: Theo-Ben Gurirab and South African liberation leader, Johnny Mfanafuthi Makhatini.  All of the above make an appearance in the broadcast, however.

Johnny Makhatini died just six years later, in 1988 at age 56, from complications of diabetes.  But he was not buried in his native South Africa, then under apartheid rule.  Following South African freedom, and having been declared a national hero, Makhatini would finally be laid to rest in the land of his birth.

At the time of our conversation Gurirab and Makhatini were both in exile.  Gurirab was serving as UN Observer of SWAPO (South West African People’s Organization), and Makhatini as UN Observer of ANC (African National Congress). 

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