Jackie Kennedy’s Quid Pro Quo Drawing

Drawing of Clifford - 2

With all the noise about impeachment emanating from Washington, it is interesting to reflect on an illustration by Jackie Kennedy—who understood political quid pro quo.  It is an ink drawing (adorned with lace) of Washington “fixer” Clark Clifford, who helped draft the National Security Act that created the CIA and who ended his career infamously as one of BCCI’s (Bank of Credt and Commerce International) central figures. Clifford served as adviser to four Democratic US presidents—Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, and Carter—and as LBJ’s Secretary of Defense. 

Jackie’s Clifford sketch is of a tall fashion icon in formal attire with walking stick and spiffy pointed shoes. In one hand Clifford carries a wrapped gift, roses and a bottle of champagne, and in the other a theatrically monogrammed briefcase with several documents tucked inside entitled: “Places of Exile, Tortures and List of Jails.”

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