The Real Ukraine Agenda?

With the Covid argument having been eviscerated, global leaders have had to find a new agenda card. Looking at hands played through the decades, we know that oil works.

The US manipulated the price of oil—driving oil prices down—to defeat the Soviet empire.  We also know, in retrospect, that the US invaded Iraq because of China’s presence in Saddam’s oilfields, Graham Greene’s plot fed into the computerNo—casualties were not a consideration. 

It now looks increasingly like the US/Nato encouraged Russia or gave certain assurances to Russia regarding asserting its power in Ukraine. 

Why would we do such a thing?  Because high oil prices would result and destabilize globally.  The need to reestablish order follows—i.e., nation states become police states to address social unrest.     

While the price of oil is slightly lower than $100 a barrel today, as I write, the reluctance to continue squeezing out US shale oil is not waning. Russia, on the other hand, is still naturally oil rich.

Putin Grip

Digital currency—digital tracking—would be the icing on the police state cake. And with the dollar as the world’s reserve currency now seriously threatened because of its ongoing weaponization by the US, the fix does appear to be in: Biden’s recent Executive Order to explore setting up a digital dollarEven as voices cry for a return to gold and a reindustrialization of America. . .

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