Back-to-Gold Standard of Yore and Its Discontents

Mendezized Super Gold?

“All the gold discovered thus far would fit in a cube that is 28 meters wide on every side.”–United States Geological Survey

With savvy economists like Luke Gromen and Grant Williams predicting an international return to currency-pegged-to-physical gold—a system Richard Nixon scrapped in the US in 1971–it is worth investigating whether nanoscience could derail that return.  Gromen says back-to-gold officially began February 26, 2022 with the US and EU sanctions of Russian Central Bank reserves. 

Gromen further prophesizes that countries will continue to trade in their national currencies, that the US dollar will remain key, but that those international currencies will be backed by physical gold. 

The problem is that only 244,000 metric tonnes of gold have ever been discovered.  And Gromen warns of a recession to follow back-to-gold in the US.  But that it will be accompanied by a reshoring of US jobs, making the Pentagon happy because a significant number of essential parts for military equipment are presently made in China.

Now for the nanoscience—

About a decade ago, Alejandro Mendez, a Florida businessman asked Northwestern University to test his Mendezized “Super Gold,” i.e., regular gold he says his company, Mendezized Metals Corporation (“MMC”) put through an atomic and macro scales reorganizing process that flattened and transformed the structure of the gold making a “perfect” hexagonal grid.

What’s more, Mendez claims this reorganizing process resulted in the gold becoming piezoelectric—with superconducting properties. And he notes on the MMC website that a Mendezized gold bar thus is now worth US$2.6 billion.

Changing the shape of a piezoelectric material can create electricity.  However, according to Penn State’s Center for Nanoscale Science, “metals are generally not considered to be electrostatically gateable”.

Penn State - metals - not electrostatically gateable

I had a brief phone conversation recently with Gajendra Shekhawat, who led the testing of Mendez gold at Northwestern’s Nanoscale Integrated Fabrication and Instrumentation center using Piezo Response Force Microscopy.  

Shekhawat is currently director of Northwestern’s SPID (Scanned Probe Imaging and Development)  facility and told me the following regarding the Mendez Super Gold claim:  

“This was about a decade ago. He’s making things up. The gold has no superconducting properties.”

But the MMC website paints this future scenario:

“If we Mendezized 100 tons of Regular Gold (a task that will take 6 to 9 months) out of the 4,583 metric tons of Regular Gold Stored in Fort Knox, The United States Federal Reserve Bank will instantly have the tangible incredible amount of $8.32 quadrillion dollars.”

The MMC website also touts that the company registered its 24 karat Super Gold bars at the Depository Trust Company as Equity Security and Debt Security:

“Our SUPER GOLD (Mendezized 99,9999999999 pure 24 Karats Commercial Gold Bars) that back OUR EQUITY SECURITIES (Mendezized Gold Certificates of Deposit) presently under DTC custody using DTC issued CUSIP number 999AFJ6 which has an intrinsic monetary value of $2.6 billion dollars, is in the custody of Citibank, at one of their secure  vaults  on behalf of Global Trust Depository who is our company’s corporate trustee and an Officer of the Court in the State of California.  Additionally, Citibank agreed to fully insure the entire value of $2.6 billion dollars against loss and theft for our SUPER GOLD (Mendezized 99,9999999999 pure 2 Karats Commercial Gold Bars) that backs OUR EQUITY SECURITIES (Mendezized Gold Certificates of Deposit) on behalf of Global Trust Depository who is our legal company’s [sic?] corporate trustee.”

If true, how does this affect Luke Gromen’s vision of a return to the physical gold standard of yore?

MMC argues:

“The tangible Mendezized(R) electricity stored inside Mendezized(R) super piezo electrical precious metals commercial ingots can also secure and guarantee any kind of financial instrument, any kind of derivative instrument, any kind of public stock, any kind of government bonds, and any kind of government securities ever issued that helped to create the $253 trillion dollars debt and now these unsecured financial instruments named above can be re-issued secured and guaranteed by the Mendezized(R) electricity stored inside Mendezized(R) super piezo electrical precious metals commercial ingots. [T]he existing financial world that is neither secured nor guaranteed by anything today can be transformed into a secured and guaranteed stable financial system.  This cannot be accomplished by the regular gold standard if it was still in existence today the way it used to be 50 years ago because regular gold is very scarce and cannot guarantee itself directly or indirectly nor can it guarantee electricity directly.  But electricity stored inside Mendezized(R) super piezo electrical commercial precious metals can guarantee and secure Mendezized(R) gold, Mendezized(R) platinum, and Mendezized(R) silver for one-hundred-thousand years by having its electricity  stored inside Mendezized(R) super piezo electrical precious metals ingots which regular non-mendezized gold, platinum, and silver versions cannot store inside themselves.”

I telephoned MMC founder Alejandro Mendez at his company headquarters in Florida three times to find out more but was unsuccessful in reaching him for comment. 

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