License ALL NYC Electric Vehicles, Fine Traffic Violators & Arrest Criminal Behavior

As almost everyone in New York City realizes, it is perilous for pedestrians to walk anywhere due to lawless electric vehicle traffic.  It is time to license ALL electric vehicles and make EVers accountable.

Yesterday afternoon I was almost killed by a maniac E-biker approaching center stage on a Greenwich Village sidewalk after I advised him—sorry, guys, it is, indeed, mostly testosterone poisoning in evidence—to use the 12th Street bike lane that stretches across town.

The maniac then targeted me for destruction but in his pivot and rage fell from his E-bike.  He got up cursing and on foot moved to beat me up.  Then realizing there were too many people around, he again mounted his E-bike and took off on the sidewalk, heading East.

A bare-chested guy on an electric scooter immediately came up from behind me on the sidewalk with his pants halfway down exposing himself to say:  “This is the new bike path!”

I encountered a police officer two blocks away walking casually—jacket open revealing a sizeable paunch—and I reported the first incident.  The policeman commiserated, shook his head and proceeded to walk casually East.

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