DEFEND Human Rights: DEFEAT New York Open Restaurants Bill

“Rod Steiger is ferocious as a scheming land developer in Francesco Rosi’s HANDS OVER THE CITY, a blistering work of social realism and the winner of the 1963 Venice Film Festival Golden Lion. This expose of the politically driven real-estate speculation that has devastated Naples’s civilian landscape moves breathlessly from a cataclysmic building collapse to the backroom negotiations of civic leaders vying for power in a city council election, laying bare the inner workings of corruption with passion and outrage.” –Criterion Channel

POLLY TROTTENBERG, US Deputy Secretary for Transportation/ former Commissioner, New York City Department of Transportation

Polly Trottenberg first wreaked havoc on New York City with an Open Restaurants/Open Streets top-down agenda as de Blasio’s Department of Transportation Commissioner.  In April 2021, Trottenberg was booted upstairs—as compliant politicians are who do the dirty work.  Trottenberg was made US Deputy Secretary of Transportation under Pete Buttigieg.  

Open Restaurants/Open Streets is reviled, particularly in historic parts of New York like the West Village where for years now residents have publicly protested ongoing destruction to the neighborhood and their way of life. 

However, DOT seems to be deaf to such civic condemnation of its scheme—now called bill “Intro 31-B,” which MUST BE DEFEATED if New York is to be a city fit for human habitation.

Trottenberg’s ascendance to Washington signals that force-feeding New York City Open Restaurants/Open Streets is likely a  master plan for the rest of the country.  AMERICA BEWARE!

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