Smoking Guns: College Board Educators Retard Evolutionary Science


College Board & The Natural Selection Racket

Richard Phelps Weighs In on College Board Natural Selection Racket

(w/Audio) NAS K-12 Study Chair re “College Board Natural Selection Racket”

Galen Kreiser screenshot

Galen Kreiser, for starters, is president of the Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association and should be promptly relieved of his duties for his profanity and for disgracing his official position.  Further, Kreiser, a cyber environmental science teacher, is clearly not up-to-date on science education in the state, per my positive communication with the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Engineering MechanoBiology.  

Then there’s Daryle LaFleur, an “AP Biology Board Reader & Item Writer” and “stout advocate of natural selection” who has threatened to report me to his “dear friend” selfish genes guru, Richard Dawkins.  Shockingly, LaFleur actually serves as director of the “Outstanding Biology Teacher Awards” for the National Association of Biology Teachers in Nebraska.

Daryle LaFleur - screenshot - 2

Todd Ryan, the National Association of Biology Teachers rep for America’s region I (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT), and a teacher at Westborough High School in Massachusetts, asked to be removed from future correspondence.

Todd Ryan - Screenshot - 2

These emails (except for one or two out-of-the-office responses) went unacknowledged:

(1)College Board screenshot

(2) Sent to Barbara Gill, chair of College Board’s Board of Trustees and to College Board’s Board of Trustee members:

College Board - Board of Trustees - screenshot

John Williamson, Eastern Kentucky University, a central figure in development of the current AP Biology course and exam did not respond.

John Williamson

The following email was sent to Robert Floden, Chair of the NAS k-12 study—which was the subject of a March 5 webinar hosted by NAS—also emailed to the webinar’s NAS hosts.  There was one reply from Tiffany Neill, who was present at the discussion.  Neill serves as Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction/Director of Science and Engineering Education at Oklahoma’s State Department of Education. 

Floden et al. - screenshot

Tiffany Neill - screenshot

In the above email, Neill, a PhD student, references an article in an Oklahoma online publication discussing eugenics, which is written by someone with a BS in accounting.  She seems unaware of the new evolutionary science, despite her role as director of science and engineering at the Oklahoma State Department of Education. 

These two prime pushers of natural selection failed to reply:  Bertha Vazquez, director of Dawkins’ Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science and Matt Krehbiel, director of science for Achieve—key advocates for Next Generation Science Standards. 

Vasquez - Krehbiel screenshot

Of the dozen or so people listed as developers of the current AP Biology course and exam, Brian Lazzaro’s comments (two emails) serve to represent the arrogance and ignorance at the root of the College Board organization.

Brian Lazzaro - College Board Racket - screenshot - part 1

Lazzaro adds this postscript:Lazzaro - part 2

More pathetic baloney from Lazzaro:

Brian Lazzaro - screenshot re Phelps



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