Didier Raoult Rejects Darwinian Natural Selection & Critics of HCQ/AZ Cocktail


“Charles Darwin’s vision of the world deeply influenced biology in the twentieth century. Today, however, his theory of evolution is more a hindrance than a help, because it has become a quasi-theological creed that is preventing the benefits of improved research from being fully realized.”—Didier Raoult, “Life After Darwin”

What is missing from recent commentaries regarding Didier Raoult—the French infectious disease scientist in the spotlight for his Aix-Marseille Université team’s successful trials of HCQ/AZ (hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin) in the treatment of Covid-19, a combo the US Food and Drug Administration has approved for further clinical trials—is Raoult’s rejection of Darwin’s theory of natural selection.   

Moreover, Raoult is profiled on The Third Way of Evolution web site featuring dozens of other notable scientists who also reject Darwinian dogma. Raoult’s early success in confronting Covid-19 seems to have enraged the scientific establishment and its affiliates in the mediocre media.

I interviewed many of the scientists who are featured on The Third Way of Evolution site for my book, The Paradigm Shifters.


Aside from Raoult’s Covid-19 treatment—Raoult and his infectious disease research teams in Marseille through the years are credited with identifying the first giant virus, Mimivirus (2003) followed by giant viruses Marseillevirus (2009) and Faustovirus (2015), among other significant discoveries.  These giant viruses infect amoebae living in humans. 

But, to illustrate the kind of science chauvinism at play, a recent report in The Chronicle of Higher Education refers to the order of Megavirales as “so-called giant viruses” and quotes a researcher on Twitter commenting on Raoult’s HCQ/AZ treatment as follows:  “They would have gotten the same results with chocolate pudding.”  Science magazine gave a platform to a former Big Pharma chemist blogging that Raoult’s work was “messy,” his ego “large,” and citing complaints of sexual harassment.  Slate characterized Raoult as “Trumpian.”

Johns Hopkins Hospital in a recent alert about how to protect yourself from Covid-19 advised that the virus is not a living organism and so antibiotics don’t work.  However, scientists I’ve interviewed say viruses are organisms, active agents, with their own evolution  and that they “manipulate” protein receptors of a cell to gain entry and then hijack the cell.  And that we all—animals, plants, fungi—live within the virosphere.

Didier Raoult in his book on Covid-19 counters critics, accusing the media of fearmongering because it sells.

Covid-19 book

And, importantly, on his Third Way page, Raoult argues that the principle of natural selection is “untrue.”  Says Raoult:

 “As the scientific theory the Darwin Theory is false now, but Nietzsche was claiming that it was naïve and false in the XIX century.”

He’s published numerous books and articles further rejecting Darwinian science.

Beyond_Darwin book

Despite Raoult having to contend with furious critics in the media and at large over his team’s HCQ/AZ treatment for Covid-19—

Philippe_Gautret - 2
PHILIPPE GAUTRET, First Author on the HCQ/AZ Covid-19 Study

Raoult has convinced the FDA to follow up and continues to express confidence that their treatment for the virus works if the cocktail is administered early enough after testing positive.  Indeed, Raoult is increasingly seen as a rock star.  All of which could finally allow “the Darwin Theory” to Rest In Peace.




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