US Needs No-Confidence Vote Political System

With Joe Biden’s ability to lead seriously challenged by all-too-visible signs of aging:  unable to clearly see, think, speak and walk—the lives of all Americans are in harm’s way.  Indeed, the entire world is imperiled. 

Biden’s approval rating is abysmal—at 34%.  And it should be:  He recklessly egged on Nato allies, ramping up the Ukraine crisis.  He botched the Afghan troop withdrawal. He allowed an unelected cabal to falsify the reality of Covid via corporate media—resulting in the gagging and imprisoning of America from day one of his Presidency.  And with 40-year-high inflation, Americans starving, and nation-wide crime raging—Biden is now attempting to address social unrest by tracking every move we make with his Executive Order pushing for a digital dollar. 

We can’t count on a sex scandal to precipitate his resignation from office.  And even if Biden was approached to step down by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and other alpha Democrats—deeply unpopular Kamala Harris would be next in line to the Presidency.  America is in serious trouble.

What would it take to move to a no-confidence vote political system?  It would require amending the Constitution.  In my view, it is urgent that we explore doing so.  

And on the state and local levels as well. New York suffered through eight years of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s dictates when he should have faced a no-confidence vote and spared the city from now having to roll back his unsavory decrees. 

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