Yes, Liz, Jump In Congressional Race and Stop de Blasio Cold


Elizabeth Holtzman vs. Warren Wilhelm Jr. aka Bill de Blasio?  NO CONTEST! Holtzman and de Blasio are not even in the same league. 

Holtzman’s record of public service dwarfs de Blasio’s and should be an embarrassment to anyone supporting de Blasio’s candidacy for US Congress in New York’s 10th District.

De Blasio destroyed New York and everyone knows it.

On the other hand, Holtzman—if she chooses to run—would bring to the office years of outstanding accomplishment as a member of the US House of Representatives (four terms from 1972-1981, youngest woman ever elected to Congress), as NYC Comptroller, and as Kings County/Brooklyn District Attorney. 

During the time Liz Holtzman served as Brooklyn DA, she was also instrumental in paving the way for domestic violence legislation—agreeing in 1985 to be keynote speaker at the first-ever benefit in Manhattan for battered women’s shelters, an event I chaired

Some weeks after the event, Holtzman drafted the following letter to the New York Times —which I co-signed.

The New York State Domestic Violence Prevention Act was enacted the following year, 1987.

Elizabeth Holtzman’s pioneering support for domestic violence legislation takes on new meaning in a city now unhinged and unmanageable as a result of bad decisions made by Mayor Bill de Blasio.  

Yes, Liz—please jump in the Congressional race and stop de Blasio cold.

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