Welcome to Blood Alley aka Morton Street

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Following Saturday night’s waves of booze-shed revelers on Morton Street (between Bedford & Hudson) and waves of vehicles blasting music terrorizing residents—came the cry of HELP ME! HELP ME! sometime around 2:15 Sunday morning. 

A man shouted that he’d been hit.  By what was unclear.  Car? Motorcycle? Bullets?  

[Note The updated story is that the guy’s injuries may have been self-inflicted, incurred by smashing into the front of 55 Morton Street—which is where the trail of blood begins. . .]

55 Morton
55 Morton Street

There were still stragglers out and about on Morton at 2:15.  Several women in second skin attire stopped to tend to the man and called for an ambulance, which soon arrived.  All appeared under control, and I hope EMS reached the hospital in time to save the man’s life.  He lost a lot of blood. . .

Meantime, the neighborhood continues to disintegrate.  Morton Street (between Bedford & Hudson) should be gated between 10pm and 6am and traffic diverted to the main thoroughfares.  Morton Street also urgently needs a cop on the beat, particularly on weekends.     


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Blood Alley aka Morton Street

    1. Excellent point, Peter. Guardian Angels most recently patrolling Forest Hills following murder of deliveryman there. Sliwa now co-hosts—with Anthony Weiner—WABC radio’s The Left Versus The Right show.


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