Gate Highly Residential West Village Streets from Subhuman Onslaught


There were multiple incidents on Saturday in New York’s West Village. I can’t talk about matters under investigation.  But I can talk about the outrageous invasion of Morton Street that took place Saturday night and into Sunday morning and which takes place routinely:  Drunken/drugged careening mobs on foot trashing the neighborhood, and wilding gangs  in vehicles both parked and passing through blasting residents out of their apartments with seriously damaging levels of music/noise.

This has got to stop.  I suggest gating highly residential streets of the West Village every night from 10P to 6A.  Like Washington Mews is.  Divert traffic to the main thoroughfares.

Who will stand up for the community? If local police can’t or won’t address this egregious violation of human rights, outside law enforcement must assist. What is now being allowed to happen is unconscionable. 


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