An Open Letter to Google’s Robots & Spooks Behind the Curtain

Google – one of the largest and most influential organizations in the modern world – is filled with ex-CIA agents. Studying employment websites and databases, MintPress has ascertained that the Silicon Valley giant has recently hired dozens of professionals from the Central Intelligence Agency in recent years. Moreover, an inordinate number of these recruits work in highly politically sensitive fields, wielding considerable control over how its products work and what the world sees on its screens and in its search results.”–Alan MacLeod, “National Security  Search Engine:  Google’s Ranks Are Filled With CIA Agents,” MintPress News

Google’s credibility as a reliable source of information is, indeed, increasingly borderline.  A case in point:

My career spans five decades as a journalist, book author, activist, and early on as a runway fashion model.

Suzan Mazur - Fashion Montage

There are articles, book covers, fashion photos, documentaries, TV show appearances and other video clips, many  archived on this, my Oscillations website, to draw from for information about my work.  However, Google’s robots apparently with a nudge from Google’s behind-the-curtains team, target me, i.e., defame me.

Google has in the past mistakenly showcased me in photos as scientist Evelyn Fox Keller, fashion designer Betsey Johnson, even as Jaron Lanier—one of the fathers of virtual reality.  Removal of EF Keller’s photo came only after I informed Keller of the misrepresentation.

More recently Google has posted in my “Author Knowledge Panel” (below) along with the front covers of several of my books—the photo of a comic/film production manager (same name) wearing a white halter top.  The photo is a copycat image of one of my fashion shots from the 1970s, the copycat image obviously intended to bring greater search engine visibility to the copycat, which Google has provided.

Google - Screenshot - Author Knowledge Box

Here is the original image being imitated:

Suzan Mazur, 1979, wearing Betsey Johnson red lame
Suzan Mazur, 1979, wearing Betsey Johnson red lamé

The imitator hides behind sunglasses in another especially unattractive “official” shot, which Google likes to put on either side of a portrait of my parents on Google page 2. Defaming not only me but my deceased parents.

By showcasing the photo of the comic/film production manager in my Knowledge Panel book box, Google is crediting her as the author of my series of books that has “served to snap Evolutionary Science out of its Darwinian lethargy”.

LRB 5 books - 12-17-20

I refuse to accept Google’s robotic responses that ignore my requests for correction and demand that responsible parties at Google set the record straight now. I will explore all legal options until you do.

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