Google at Risk of Imploding as Credible Engine of Knowledge


The problem with former CIA agents becoming the arbiters of what is true and what is false and what should be promoted and what should be deleted is that they cut their teeth at a notorious organization whose job it was to inject lies and false information into the public discourse to further the goals of the national security state.”—Alan MacLeod, “National Security search engine:  Google’s ranks are filled with CIA agents,” MintPress News

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Google knows who I am, it takes advertising revenue from my YouTube videos

and from Amazon—its biggest advertiser—for showcasing my series of books (w/author photo on back covers), books that chronicle the overthrow of Darwinian science over the past decade or so.

However, by Google planting in my Author Knowledge Panel and elsewhere online the image of a brunette comic/film production manager (same name) impersonating me, Google is negating the importance of my books and defaming me. I am blonde, by the way, and have never been a brunette in my life.

What’s more, anyone challenging the national security state status quo is at risk of such character assassination.

One of my savvy friends sent me his analysis of the Google smear:

“[T]he original sin lies in the stupid industry websites that list her [the comic/film production manager]. . . . The CIA doesn’t need to have people at Google in order to create those website listings.  All it has to do is create the website listings.”

In response to my requests to Google for removal of the image of the comic/film production manager from my Author Knowledge Panel—Google’s robots have repeatedly informed me that they receive many such correction requests each day, that my message is in the “queue,” and ultimately that removal of said photo is not possible because the photo is publicly available—completely ignoring the fact that the wrong person is being credited as author of my series of books.

Also, in order to claim an Author’s Knowledge Panel, you have to be “Google-certified,” which entails submitting a passport photo page.  I have been Google-certified for years.

The day after publication of my “Open Letter to Google’s Robots & Spooks Behind the Curtain” regarding the matter of defamation—“The Google Team” sent me an email saying:

We’d like to help you resolve this situation. . . .” 

and a few days after that sent this message:

“We’ve passed your request along to the appropriate team here at Google for further investigation.  While you may not receive any further response from them, know that they are investigating the issue you raised in your correspondence and will take action as appropriate. . . .Regards, The Google Team.”

But, more than a week later, the smear persists, my Knowledge Panel continues to showcase as the author of my five books, the brunette comic/film production manager in white halter top (sometimes image cropped); it is a copycat photo of one of my fashion shots from the 1970s.

Unless Google stops its character assassination of me and countless others  in “queues” around the world seeking correction of Google disinformation, it risks imploding as a credible engine of knowledge.

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