Save Your Jobs, NYC Council: SCHEDULE PUBLIC HEARINGS NOW Re Despised Open Restaurants Program

Buvette’s Conquest of most of Grove Street.

WITHOUT PUBLIC HEARINGS, the NYC Council plans to soon vote on a permanent Open Restaurants program. However, New York City residents are opposed to the program and demand public hearings in order to:

End the blight and destruction of our historic neighborhoods.

Sveta’s Carmine Street Outdoor Refrigerator

End the devastation of the lives of residents due to drunken/drugged wilding mobs at outdoor sheds and roaming the streets.

7th Avenue South, West Village

End the crime wave making it impossible for residents to safely walk on the streets at night.

Morton & Bedford, West Village


COURT WEBCAST:  City Swaggers Seeking to Ram Open Restaurants Down NYC Residents’ Throats

The Blight & Stench of New York’s West Village Outdoor Dining

Open Restaurants Protest:  June 18, Greenwich Village

Welcome to Blood Alley aka Morton Street

Gate Highly Residential West Village Streets from Subhuman Onslaught

NO! to New York Open Restaurants/ Open Streets

West Village or South Bronx?–What Would Edward Caswell Say?

List West Village As UNESCO World Heritage Site

Gracie Mansion’s Last Hurrah?–Unleashing Hell in New York’s West Village

Hell and the West Village:  Where Is the Next Jane Jacobs?

Edward C. Caswell’s Greenwich Village



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